Tuesday 09th July

5 Minutes with Matt Brace

There’s a new Dubbing Mixer in town!

Suite’s new Mixer Matt Brace answers a few of our quickfire questions…


Matt Brace, our new Dubbing Mixer, joined us back in February. Previously at Lucky Cat, he has started a new venture here at Suite! He may be a great mixer, but I wonder how well he does under our quickfire questions…Let’s get to know Matt!


How did you get to where you are now?
I started mixing live sound in the theatre because I liked all the buttons. I tried location recording but hated being outside standing there with a boom etc it was very tedious. I wanted a bit more of a creative challenge so that’s when I tried Post Production.


Did you go to university?
I studied a BA in Theatre at the University of Hull. I then did a Masters at the Northern Film School in Sound in film.


Do you think university is important?
Er…yes. That’s where I met my wife! In all seriousness, the right course is very important. In regards to this industry, a very practical, hands on course is vital in my eyes.


Any advice for aspiring post production students?
Yes. Make stuff. Get hands on: as much experience and insight as you can.


Any TV highlights for you this year?
Oh it has to be Fleabag and Killing Eve! The writing and acting in both
are phenomenal.


Go to drink at the pub?
Local craft ale (does that sound pretentious?).


How do you fill your spare time?
Anything that involves not sitting on my bum. Long distance running and pottery are top ones. I’m also a massive family man, so spending as much time with them as possible is an obvious one.


Best recent film highlights? Roma was amazing. The cinematography and sound was superb! I know it was a while back, but Baby Driver is another one, that soundtrack though! How amazing was it?