Tuesday 20th April

Lee Clappison talks to TVB Europe

Suite’s Lee Clappison recently spoke to TVB Europe…

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Meet the Richardsons Series two, a Second Act Productions for Dave.

A mockumentary shooting style and an encouragement to ad-lib has tickled
the nation’s funny bone enough to launch Meet the Richardsons into a second series.
But how is the show’s look managed?

The look of Dave’s Meet the Richardsons series two, for the most part, continued
where series one left off. Lee Clappison, head of grading at Suite Post, worked on
both series with the brief to keep the look as natural as possible. He explains the
slight twist included in that, “It has to feel like it was a real fly-on-the-wall
documentary, but everything filmed on the nicest day possible, so perhaps with a
slightly warmer, sunnier edge.”

“We did have a couple of conversations very early in the shoot to iron out scenes
filmed with an iPhone. Knowing that it was meant to look like phone footage and
wouldn’t have to match anything kept it straightforward.”

Using DaVinci Resolve’s remote grading option, Clappison could mirror the project
media at home and in the studio. “That allowed the client to be in the facility, in my
suite, without worrying about Covid restrictions. I’d then connect in and grade as if I
was in the room. The only thing getting transferred is metadata, and they can review everything on a properly calibrated screen, which eliminates issues we may have with
other sign-off methods.”

Don’t miss Meet The Richardsons, Thursdays on Dave at 10pm.