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SUITE LTD – Health & Safety COVID-19 Document


Health & Safety


Version 1.4

December 2021


At the beginning of the lockdown period Suite Ltd initiated a remote work from home policy for the majority of its staff and clients. Now, with the easing of the rules on self-isolation, the company has adapted the Newman Street building so that it complies with the Government guidelines and has made the facility Covid friendly for clients who now wish to work at Newman Street.

Suite Ltd’s priority is to safeguard its staff, clients and suppliers so as to prevent the spread of the virus. Our operational decisions during these challenging times will always put the well-being of staff and clients first.

As the guidelines and regulations relating to Covid-19 are evolving, the Directors of Suite Ltd will regularly review our policy and make changes wherever it seems appropriate.

1. Social Distancing

Suite Ltd has taken the following measures to ensure socially distancing.

These measures are:

• Nominated work areas for all staff.

• A register that keeps track of staff and clients. Couriers and delivery personnel are requested to wait in the entrance hall.

• A drop off area will be available for deliveries to avoid hand to hand interaction.

• A two metre distancing tape placed around communal areas.

• Any meetings between clients and management to take place by Zoom or similar. Alternatively, one to one meetings can take place in the meeting room where a two metre derivation can be applied.

• All visitors to Suite Ltd’s facility will be required to fill in a Track + Trace register

• Runners and Edit Assistants are not to access suites currently being used by clients/staff.

• All food to be left at the back of the edit suite or outside the door

While Suite Ltd discourages visitors from attending the workplace it recognises that there may be occasions when this is necessary in which case the House Manager or a Director of the company needs to be informed and the visitors name added to the log book.

The Kitchen areas are closed to all staff & clients excluding the one allocated runner.

For more information about social distancing, staff are referred to: distancing/staying-alert-and-safe-social-distancing.

Any questions arising to be made to Directors of the company.


2. Personal Hygiene and Well-being

Suite Ltd will encourage everyone to follow the well-publicised hygiene measures to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

· Hand washing frequently using soap and water for 20 seconds.

· Verbal only greetings.

· Clients and staff are not permitted to order personal items to be delivered to the facility.

· Only essential personal items should be brought to the workplace.

• There will be no newspapers, magazines or bowls of fruit in the reception area.

The Directors of the company are mindful that these new working conditions might generate some added stress and encourage any constructive feedback with a view to altering these protocols if appropriate.


3. PPE

Protective Masks

A supply of masks will be made available to lower the chance of individuals spreading the virus. For the avoidance of doubt it is generally deemed that protective masks should:

· Cover both nose and mouth.

· Not be allowed to dangle around the neck after or between each use.

· Not be touched once put on.

· Be changed when they become moist or damaged.

· Be worn once and then discarded.

· Hand hygiene must be performed after disposal.


Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitiser dispensers are available throughout the building and at reception.


Anti-Bac Wipes

Anti-Bacterial wipes are supplied in suites, reception & communal areas throughout the facility.


4. House-keeping

Each day a designated staff member will:

· Spray/wipe down all door handles

· Spray/wipe down all sanitiser dispensers

· Ensure hand sanitisers are always full

· Ensure toilets are cleaned and stocked with soap


5. Symptom Management & Contact Tracing

Suite Ltd has a staff and client sickness register for COVID-19 reporting.

· Anyone with symptoms must follow the Government guidelines on self-isolation and are not allowed to attend any site.

• If any employee or visitor receives a notification from the NHS app that they have been exposed to COVID-19, they must follow the apps instructions, go home and self-isolate immediately.

• Anyone with suspected COVID-19 in the facilities will be requested to leave immediately. If required transport will be arranged for them to get home. All areas visited or potentially visited by the individual will then be deep cleaned.

To ensure people exhibiting a fever are not allowed in the facility Suite Ltd will take temperature readings of all staff, clients and suppliers entering the premises. A reading of

37.8 or higher will be considered as a fever and therefore a symptom of the virus.

Where an individual tests positive, any and all employees or clients who could have come into contact with said individual would be notified and asked to follow self-isolation guidelines ( guidance).


6. Travelling to Work

Suite Ltd has joined the cycle to work scheme to encourage cycling to work. For further information about commuting on public transport the advice is frequently updated and is available at this website:


7. Compliance

As with all Health and Safety regulations the issue of compliance is paramount.

Non-compliance should be reported to the Directors of the company.

Repeated non-compliance of the social distancing and hygiene measures may result in disciplinary action or even access to the facility denied.

All reports of non-compliance will be registered and kept in accordance with guidelines and stored for 12 months in accordance with GDPR.

Wherever possible Suite will advise its suppliers that they are required to wear face coverings when delivering to the facility.

The monthly internal Newsletter will serve to remind employees of their responsibilities in respect to Health and Safety whilst at work, similarly the company will keep clients informed of any changes in policy.


The Directors of Suite Ltd undertake to ensure that the business is at all times operating within the Government approved guidelines of COVI-19 and will regularly review this policy document in the light of any changes in the regulations.

This document and any subsequent alterations is available on