Friday 03rd April

Suite Virtual Post

Dear Client,

In these difficult and testing times we realise that there may still be a demand for programming and we would like to introduce our response to the crisis – SUITE VIRTUAL.

Almost everything we have provided before, is now available through our virtual post facility.

We are here and ready to help, this FAQ addresses what we imagine would be your main questions, but don’t hesitate to call us on 0207 636 4488 if you want to know more.

  • All our staff are now working remotely and are ready to help.
  • We also have staff who can safely drive to the Suite offices if required.

How can I get Rushes to Suite?

  • You can deliver files to us electronically via Signiant/Aspera or any other internet based delivery mechanism.
  • We can accept media from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and similar – although please contact us about this first as we can usually suggest something much faster.
  • We have a secure FTP server with 24TB you can use to upload your media to us.
  • You can deliver drives to our Technical Director any time of the day or night in North London (Zone 2) who can arrange to get data onto our system.
  • We can arrange for an Edit Assistant to safely get to our Central London Office to receive drives and ingest them.

What facilities are you offering to wrangle my rushes?

All our Edit Assistants are remotely working and can do almost all the usual tasks you expect from them:

  • Ingest.
  • Grouping / Sync Mapping / Logging.
  • Preparation of webviews for online logging so you can review your assets from home.
  • Preparation of deliverables and final masters.

What Offline facilities do you have?

All our staff editors are remotely connected to Suite and so can work on offline as usual.

What Online facilities are you offering?

All our Online suites are also remotely accessible so we have all the usual online finishing tools

As monitoring over a remote link has restricted bandwidth some technical checks are not possible.
However we have a solution to this problem (please see QC below.)

What Audio facilities are you offering?

Our audio staff have facilities at home. So they can:

  • Prep
  • Tracklay
  • Mix (stereo only)

What grading facilities are you offering?

Lee Clappison – Suite’s Senior Colourist is now setup with full grading facilities at home.

What about graphics and effects?

Our VFX department are set up at home with all the usual tools for graphic design along with the usual
post-production fixes and quality keying.

What QC facilities are you offering?

Our Technical Director has a fully QC facility at home with appropriate grade one monitoring.
We can check all your deliverables with the same level of professionalism you expect from Suite.


We can also use these QC facilities to check any technical queries that may arise in a remote online

Can you still deliver files to the broadcasters?

Yes – as we have remote access to the facility we can do all the usual AS-11 file creation, AQC, PSE
checks and delivery of files.

Yes, but how do I collaborate?

We have several options for screen sharing so you can be “in” the edit.


So, please get in touch – we’re here to help.

T: 0207 636 4488

Keep yourselves safe,


Your friends at Suite