Monday 11th April

Suite’s Environmental Guidelines

Suite’s Environmental Guidelines


We are proud to have our Albert Affiliation, and to support its aspirations for a greener industry.

Please see some of the areas we have addressed below;


  • We recycle paper, cardboard and plastic in both our office and kitchen


  • We use energy efficient light bulbs where possible


  • Our bathrooms have timed light sensors to ensure they are not left running


  • We support cycling to work and have shower facilities


  • Every evening the kit in our suites & air-conditioning units are switched off


  • We no longer buy still water in plastic bottles but use glass refillable bottles around the building instead.


  • We use Brita filtered water system


  • We have Zip Instant Hot Water taps in our kitchen


  • All our air-conditioning units are being replaced with more energy efficient units


  • Virtualisation of servers to reduce power consumption


  • All internal documentation is now held on our intranet and so is paperless


  • Company cars and motorbikes are electric


  • Energy supplied by Pozitive Energy Green tariff